Concierge Services

Relax. Let us know what you need, and we've got you covered.

We all have a bucket list of things we want to do, now or in the near future. Where do I start? Whom do I call? Is there a central point of reference for it all?

The only call you have to make is to Irie VIP Concierge Services.

We take out all of the guess work, saving you time and effort so you can keep your sanity.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go or what you want to do, Irie VIP Concierge Services will take care of everything for you and provide you with the itinerary.

Call us and tell us what you want to do, where and when. Provide us with your budget and we will begin the process. You can sit back and wait with excitement for a call or email from us with a confirmation that your experience has been booked.

Out of city, out of state or out of country – we have it covered. Call or email us to get things in motion – the rest is on us.